14 Days Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh

“14-Day Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh: Deepen Your Practice and Rejuvenate Your Soul”

Akshat Yoga Shala is a welcoming and positive space where you’ll find smiling faces and a 14-day yoga retreat in Rishikesh that’s sure to meet your needs. Our retreat is a full 13 nights and 14 days and includes comfortable accommodation, delicious food, and exciting excursions. At Akshat Yoga Shala, we provide a traditional approach to yoga that focuses on step-by-step guidance, no matter whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate student. Our aim is to improve your yoga skills, enhance your inner strength, and help you embrace a more holistic lifestyle.

Our 14-day yoga retreat program in Rishikesh offers you a range of retreat options to choose from, including wellness retreats, spiritual yoga retreats, detox yoga retreats, and meditation yoga retreats. Since yoga is not a religion, our retreat is open to everyone who is seeking a magical change in their lives. At Akshat Yoga Shala, we welcome individuals from all corners of the globe, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in yoga. Join us to experience the transformative power of yoga and elevate your mind, body, and soul.

Why 14 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh ?

Rishikesh is renowned for its distinct spirituality, yoga tourism, and much more. It has earned the nickname “Yoga Capital of the World” for a reason. That’s why starting your yoga journey or retreat from Rishikesh is an excellent idea.

Rishikesh is an ideal location to engage in these pure activities. At Akshat Yoga Shala, our program serves as a gateway to experiencing the yogic lifestyle and exploring our beautiful region.

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14 Days Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Every day standard schedule for retreat

07AM to 8:30PM Hatha yoga and shatkarma.
08:30AM to 09PM pranayama.
09:30AM – breakfast

10AM to 01PM
– break, relax/ read books
1 to 2pm lunch.
5 to 6 Ashtanga vinyasa.
6 to 7 meditation class.
7:30 dinner.
Additional in 3 day retreat –
1 foot/shoulder massage
Additional in 7 days retreat – 1. 1 foot/shoulder massage 2. 1 morning sunrise track of kunjapuri.
Additional in 10 days retreat – 1. 2 foot/shoulder massage 2. 1 morning sunrise track of kunjapuri
3. Ganga arti and Rishikesh visit.
Additional in 14 days retreat – 1. 2 foot/shoulder massage 2. 1 morning sunrise track of kunjapuri
3. Ganga arti and Rishikesh visit.
4. Yoga in bank of ganga
5. Beathle ashram visit.