Evolution: It is said that the Hatha yoga lineage evolved with the Natha sampradaya(community) and it follows Shaivism, according to Hatha yoga tradition lord shiva is known as the first yogi or Adi yogi, according to yogic mythology shiva shared this knowledge of yoga first with his wife goddess Parvati. It is said that these teachings of Hatha yoga came into existence around 5 to 7 thousand years ago, but it has not any exact proof it is just based on yogic mythology.

Natha word also comes with shiva, the Sanskrit word nātha नाथ literally means “lord, protector, master”. The related Sanskrit term Adi Natha means first or original Lord and is a synonym for Shiva, the founder of the Nāthas that’s why shiva is also known as Adinatha, so this tradition passed by the yogis named Matshyendranatha, Gorakshanatha, charpatinatha, one of the great notable Hatha yogis who attained the higher state of consciousness and actually this Natha term signifies that lineage, which began with Adi Natha.

Concept of Hatha Yoga :-

The Sanskrit word हठ Haṭha literally means “force”, alluding to a system of physical, mental, and emotional techniques.

But the question is what type of force??, often people misunderstood hatha meaning they think it means doing hatha yoga practice forcefully, which is not true at all, the idea of hatha yoga practice is to attain force physically and mentally.

What meaning of hatha yoga?

Hatha is made up of 2 words “HA” and “THA”, according to Hatha yoga the human body has two parts right and left sides of the spine.

The right body is related to “Ha” and (solar energy) and the Left body is related to “Tha” and (lunar energy). The aim of practicing Hatha yoga is to attain a balance of prana (vital energy) by synchronizing both solar and lunar energy in Nadis.